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Ventura Pointer

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About Ventura Pointer

Ventura Pointer is a terminal based trading platform offered by the full-service stockbroker, Ventura Securities. This 9MB executable software needs to be downloaded and then installed on your computer or laptop before you can start trading at the stock market. The software works decently well on different Windows versions including Windows  XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

In this review of Ventura Pointer, we will highlight some of the prominent features of this platform along with merits and demerits of this software.

Users can trade across multiple segments such as Equity, Derivatives, Commodity, Currency, Mutual funds, Insurance and Depository services while using this terminal software.

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Ventura Pointer Features

  • The software dashboard is pretty exhaustive and provides a quick glance at multiple aspects in a single go as shown in the screen below:
Mobile App
  • For technical analysis, the application allows the users to check data for the last 7 days and get a quick idea of the stock performance.
Mobile App
  • The application provides trading calls, research reports and tips to its clients within the application so that users can stay afloat with multiple opportunities opening up in the stock market.
  • Bulk trading allowed.
  • Easy Order placement (buy or sell) provision for users as shown below:
Mobile App

Most of the clients using this software for trading have observed issues with its user experience and usability which is really strange, especially from the fact that this application has been around for a while now. And in this duration, Ventura securities has had a decent window to take user feedback and incorporate those comments into this trading application.


Ventura Pointer Disadvantages

  • Users need to pay ₹3500 for the usage of Ventura Pointer, which is simply disappointing.
  • Very few updates are done to the software by the technical team of Ventura Securities in this application.
  • A limited number of features and the ones present have few usability concerns.
  • Relatively bulky in size and demands a decent configuration of the machine where the software is being installed. A basic configuration may hamper the trading experience.

Ventura Pointer Advantages

  • A Mature trading application and has been around for a while now.
  • Offers decent speed and performance, especially for intra-day traders.