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Nest Trader

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Nest Trader Introduction

Nest (or Next Generation Electronic Securities Trading platform) Trader is a terminal based software developed and maintained by Omnesys technologies. This is a pretty mature trading application and has been around for a while now. Nest Trader is available for stockbrokers across multiple exchanges including NSE (National Stock Exchange). With the kind of performance this terminal software provides, a lot of stockbrokers completely rely on the solution for their clients and don’t really focus on developing their own in-house trading application. They just subscribe its license and start availing this application to their clients.

The software is available to use across multiple segments be it Equity, Commodity or Currency – You can trade or invest across any particular product.

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Nest Trader Features

  • Provision to add multiple Market watch lists. Users can just add the scrips of their choice and keep a track on different metrics, data points and the overall movement of the stock(s) within the watchlist. Users also have the options to add or remove specific columns as per their preference from the layout.
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  • Further users can add different market watchlists to groups to keep whole monitoring process segregated.
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  • Orderbook” feature allows the user to have a quick glance on the details of the placed orders for both buy and sell trades.
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  • With Snap Quote feature, the user can check out the current situation of a particular scrip. This can be done by just pressing F6, with which a small pop up window is displayed to the user with details on the scrip such as Open, High/Low price, top 5 bid/ask and more as shown below:
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  • Using the combination of “Alt” key with “F6”, the user can invoke the “Net Positions” window, that gives a complete snapshot of user’s market position across indices and exchanges.
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  • With the “Ticker” feature, user can add specific scrips and whenever there is any trade in the added scrips, the trade details (trade price and quantity) are displayed on top of the terminal in the ticker space.
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  • With “Combined Market Depth” feature, the user can see the top 10 bid and ask along with the quantity and price of the stocks.
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  • Charting functionality for technical and fundamental analysis with different types of charts available.
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  • An effective risk management system in place within the trading platform for any unforeseen circumstances.
  • Third party integrations available across technical analysis softwares, tools etc.

Nest Trader Disadvantages

  • You must use a decent internet bandwidth for consistent and smooth user experience. Otherwise, you may face login and/or connectivity issues with the software.
  • The generic look and feel and the overall trading experience can certainly be improved from user’s point of view.
  • Since this software does not belong to a specific stockbroker, thus, in case you a client of a broker and have some feedback(s), it will be tough to get those concerns addressed. The best case scenario is that your concerns are transferred to Omnesys Technologies through your broker and it is left to the tech team when to fix the problem.

Nest Trader Advantages

  • Multiple short keys available with a provision to add new ones. For instance, to log out of the application, users just need to press F10, Buy order entry with F1. This helps in quick order placements and making sure trades are made at the right moments.
  • The setting of shortcut keys or hotkeys is done through the “Shortcut Manager” as shown below:

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  • Users can place more than one order using the “Simultaneous Order” entry feature. For this, user needs to open a dialog box of the feature and place more than 1 order at the same time.

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  • Multiple types of orders available including cover order, basket order, AMO etc.
  • Various kinds of utility tools available such as Option Calculator, Position Analysis, Alerts, Notifications and more.