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5paisa Trader Terminal

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5paisa Trader Terminal Overview

The terminal-based trading platform from 5Paisa, called 5Paisa Trader Terminal, is a decent performing application from the discount broker. Apart from the 5Paisa Mobile app and the browser-based 5Paisa Trade Station, this downloadable software offers reasonable speed and optimal user experience for trading to its clients. This application requires an install on user’s computer or laptop and post login, the user can start trading on the stock market.

The application design is smooth and allows easy navigation across different entities, thus, offering high usability across features to its users. Furthermore, within this trading application, you get access to research tips, recommendations and fundamental calls for your intraday trades (across Equity and Derivative segments) or long-term investments depending on your preferences.

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5paisa Trader Terminal Features

  • Users are allowed to add multiple watchlists with 100 scrips in each watchlist across Equity and Futures & Options segment. By adding scrip(s) into the market watch, users can closely monitor specific stocks on their performance with information on opening/closing price, quantity offered, bid price and a lot more.

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  • Multiple types of Order types (such as Aftermarket orders, cover orders) available within 5Paisa Trader Terminal for users to place.

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  • On selecting a specific scrip, users get to check out the top 5 bids available for that particular stock with the number of stocks offered along with the asking price.

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  • Provision to buy specific mutual funds within the same trading application allows users to invest across other segments apart from the ones available on the stock market.

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  • Users can choose to transfer funds to their trading accounts or request for payments into their bank accounts using 5Paisa Trader Terminal application itself. This is possible with few clicks making the overall process pretty smooth.

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  • At the same time, users can perform technical by checking out intraday charts for last 30 days:

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  • Similarly for fundamental analysis, charting can be adjusted for more than 5 years in the past to glance at the Historical charting:

Mobile App

Disadvantages of 5paisa Trader Terminal

Although this trading application from 5Paisa is pretty promising, still there are few concerns you need to take care of:

  • Some advanced features are still missing as of now. At the same time, it’s relatively a new application and by time, it can be safely assumed, new features will be added.
  • Integration with third-party softwares not allowed.

Advantages of 5paisa Trader Terminal

Here are some of the benefits you will be provided with while using this trading software from the discount stockbroker:

  • The application allows users to personalize some of the features with the help of shortcut keys, thus, making the overall processing even quicker.
  • The application is not bulky (in fact comes at less than 8 MB) by any means and thus, can be easily used in laptops or computers with basic configuration.
  • 5Paisa Trader Terminal is known for high performance and works smoothly even at basic internet connection bandwidth.
  • Research tips and reports available for users to make quick decisions to buy/sell.