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TradePlus Mobile App

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TradePlus Mobile App Overview

TradePlus Online, one of the discount stock brokers in India, offers a mobile trading app to its clients. The broker claims to offer this one of its own kind of an app that allows you to access services, queries and statement within this app itself.

In our analysis, we found that the broker has been able to provide various features in this mobile app but it lags in one particular aspect – Update frequency cycle. Interestingly, this is the same aspect where most of the average performing mobile apps lag too and this is what differentiate them from the best performing mobile apps in India for trading.

TradePlus Mobile App Review

This TradePlus Mobile app is an in-house trading platform from the discount stock broker and allows you to trade and invest across Equity, currency, IPO, Bonds and mutual funds. Although, Tradeplus is a discount stock broker, you will get access to research and tips within the application. As a trader/investor, you can use these recommendations before taking a final judgement in order execution.

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TradePlus Mobile App Features

Lets move ahead in this review and talk about the different features offered by this mobile app and how you can use it for your trading and investment purposes.

Here are the different features in length:

  • You can access the backoffice within the mobile app itself. This allows you to ingress your ledger balances, DP holdings, ledger statements, open positions, accured interest etc.

Mobile App

  • Users are allowed to transfer funds from and into their trading account integrated with the bank account. The broker has a partnership with 23 banks of India for this provision.

Mobile App

  • There are different analytics tools that are built-in in nature and allow you to perform your analysis through pattern recognition, trend scanning etc.
  • Research and recommendations at technical and fundamental levels available.

Mobile App

  • You can access different reports around order book, trade book, funds view, current holdings, net position etc.
  • Multiple types of charts available with flexibility of using technical indicators in order to perform analysis.
  • At the same time, the mobile app gives information on your available trading limits and total margin available on your account.
  • The TradePlus Mobile app has an alert management system (AMS) where you can view your current stock alerts, add/edit/delete your alerts etc.

Mobile App




Here are the configuration details of this TradePlus Mobile App:

  • Android mobile phone with a minimum 3G/4G or wi-fi internet connection.
  • Android version must be at least 4.1

This is how the mobile app from TradePlus Online is rated at the Google Play Store:

Number of Installs10,000-50,000
Mobile App Size19 MB
Negative Ratings Percentage20%
Overall ReviewMobile App
Update Frequency1 Year (yes, Year!)


TradePlus Mobile App Advantages

Here are some of the merits of using this mobile application from TradePlus:

  • Messaging service is available within the mobile app which allows you to fix your concerns in a much quicker and easier way as compared to email or phone modes of communication.

Mobile App

  • Daily, weekly and fortnightly research reports and recommendations available.
  • Margin and brokerage calculator available within the TradePlus mobile app.
  • Fund transfers with 23 prominent indian banks possible.
  • The mobile app is relatively secure with UCC based authentication instead of logging in using a password.

TradePlus Mobile App Disadvantages

  • The mobile app has no guest login available.
  • There is no iOS or apple version available for this mobile app from TradePlus.
  • No provision to trade or invest in Commodity segment through this mobile app.
  • Few issues around performance reported at times.