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Cashcow Review

Cashcow is a recently established discount broking trading mobile app in India and has its headquarters in Mumbai. Its a discount arm of LKP Securities, a veteran full-service stockbroker. The comes with some unique propositions including zero brokerage, free demat account opening charges etc. However, users must look at other factors involved and not just get attracted by low pricing of the brokerage houses. Using this mobile trading app, you can trade and invest in multiple segments, including:

  • Equities
  • Derivatives
  • Currency
  • Commodities

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Furthermore, the app is available in three different languages – English, Hindi and Gujarati and users can trade and invest using this mobile app in their preferred language.

Since Cashcow is an arm of LKP Securities, they provide their clients with research reports, tips and recommendations on a regular basis through the mobile app. Now, let’s talk about some of the features provided in this application:

Cashcow Features

Here are the details on the different features provided by this discount broking mobile trading app:

  • Here is the menu of the mobile app with provisions to view market ideas, analysts point of view, market news to go along with portfolio, watchlist, settings, open positions etc.


    Mobile App

  • Users looking to perform fundamental or technical analysis using this mobile app, can use different charting features with real-time market information and feeds. 
    Mobile App

  • The app contains basic features such as watchlists where you can add stocks you look to monitor. Once added, you can set alerts and notifications on top of these added stocks for any potential future action.


    Cashcow Review
  • Within the mobile app, you have the option to view the calls provided by the analysts of the stockbroker.
    Mobile App
  • Along with research and recommendations from the analysts of LKP Securities, users also get to access real time market news affecting stock values at a micro as well as macro economic way.
    Mobile App

This is how Cashcow mobile app currently rated at Google Play Store:

Number of Installs5,000 to 10,000
Mobile App Size9 MB
Negative Ratings Percentage15.2%
Overall ReviewMobile App
Update Frequency3-4 weeks



Cashcow Pricing

In order to use this mobile trading app, you are not required to provide any charges for the demat account (and so is the case with brokerage charges). To perform your trading, you can directly link your trading account with your bank account within the mobile app itself.

Furthermore, the annual maintenance charges (AMC) of using this mobile trading app are also free.

Disadvantages of Cashcow

  • Irrespective of the tall claims made by the broker, the app runs pretty slow and certainly has huge performance related issues. Furthermore, this problem has nothing to do with internet bandwidth as well.
  • Issues with order placements observed on few occasions.
  • The number of features are fairly limited and expert traders might find this app quite basic in nature.

Advantages of Cashcow

  • Well designed application with optimal user experiences.
  • Suitable for beginners, looking to enter the stock market with baby steps.


“Users looking to enter the stock market (read beginners) will find this app pretty useful. Since demat account opening and brokerage is free, entering into trading space becomes much easier using this mobile application. And not much to lose, such users can try using the research and tips provided in the app into their trades.

Yes, there will be a point when the app will seem to be a limited product in nature but until that point, users can continue using this application as a learning experience.

Post that, users may choose to move to some other stockbroker offering reasonable trading platforms.”

Membership Information of Cashcow

Here are the complete details around the membership information of Cashcow (under LKP Securities) with different regulatory bodies of the stock market:

EntityMembership ID
NSEINB/INF 230720030
Registered Address203,Embassy Centre,Nariman Point,Mumbai - 400021