Scalpert Review


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Scalpert Overview

Scalpert is a web and mobile app based charting and trading application from the house of Finvasia, a discount stockbroker in India. You can use this trading app across devices, that is, be it your computer, laptop, mobile or tablet – it is available in different variations at both web and app levels.

Scalpert allows you to trade and invest in the following segments:

  • Equities
  • Futures
  • Options
  • Currencies
  • Commodities

Although, Finvasia charges a specific fee for the usage of different trading platforms as “Technology Cost”, but Scalpert is availed to you for free by the discount broker. With this basic trading app, Finvasia looks to lure its potential client base with free trades without any brokerage or any other hidden charge.


However, when it comes to using a particular trading platform, its speed, performance, features, usability etc play a very crucial role. This is important for the simple reason that if a trading application does not perform well, you may lose out on potential profit-making opportunities in the market and in-fact you may actually face loss at situations too.

Let’s talk about the features offered by Scalpert in the next section.

Features of Scalpert

  • You can view your day and net trading positions along with all your holdings

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  • For comprehensive technical analysis, you can use around 40 technical indicators along with multiple chart types including candle-stick charts

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  • Limits are availed to you as soon as the payment is transferred

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  • You can transfer funds online from and to more than 30 prominent banks of India
  • If you are somebody who wants to perform fundamental analysis using the application, you can use the historical data provided by multiple time period options


  • You can real-time updates on your positions, holdings, portfolio and Profit & Loss

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  • You can place orders directly through the Charts functionality
  • Multiple types of order placement allowed including Normal Order, MIS Order, Stop Limit Order, Market Order, Limit Order, Stop Order, Cover Order, Bracket Order

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  • Basic features such as market watch, alerts and notifications are provided

Mobile App


This is how the mobile app is rated at Google Play Store:

Number of Installs1,000 - 5,000
Mobile App Size3 MB
Negative Ratings Percentage30%
Overall ReviewMobile App


Disadvantages of Scalpert

Here are some of the concerns of using this Scalpert mobile app from Finvasia:

  • Overall user design and user experience are sub-optimal, making it difficult to use especially for users at beginners’ level.
  • Sometimes, Scrips take a lot of time to load and you may lose out on the specific price point by the time the application works.
  • Regular log-out issues without any notification to the user
  • The app is not available for iOS users and is primarily availed to Android users only.

Advantages of Scalpert

Furthermore, here are the positives of using this mobile app:

  • Allows you to trade and invest in multiple segments
  • Reasonable number of technical indicators and chart types available for technical analysis
  • Different types of orders allowed to be placed
  • The application is available for mobile, desktop and tab devices – giving users complete flexibility of using the same trading application across devices
  • Since it is relatively new since its launch, it can be assumed that you will be getting regular updates with new features on a consistent basis.