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Zerodha Pi

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Zerodha Pi Overview

Zerodha Pi is a trading terminal software from India’s leading discount stock broker, Zerodha. It is an installable file that users can download onto their desktops or laptops and install for trading usage.

Zerodha Pi suits intraday traders the best for the simple reason that this is a high-performance software and provides real-time tips from expert advisors (majorly technical in nature). It consumes low internet bandwidth and at the same time, requires less CPU and memory usage (more details ahead).

Within few years of its launch, Zerodha Pi has seen major upgrades with each update bringing in new features and digital advancements. There are, at the same time, few concerns as well that Zerodha need to address on a regular basis to make sure the user experience of trading stays optimal. Some of the benchmark trading platforms Zerodha Pi can look up to include Trade Tiger from Sharekhan and IIFL terminal trading platforms.

Zerodha Pi Features

Here are the details on some of the features offered in this terminal based trading application:

  • Advanced charting functionality with a provision of using up to 50,000 candles in a single chart

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  • Users can employ 10 types of different chart types, 30+ drawing tools along with 80+ indicators for detailed technical analysis

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  • You can pull out intraday data for the last 365 days, Historial data for last 5 years to perform your analysis.

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  • Direct order placement provision directly from the charts provided
  • Backtest Strategies allowed – this helps traders to optimize their strategies, figure out any technical errors in their technical and fundamental analysis.

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  • In-built stock screener feature allows clients to concentrate specifically on the trading products, stock options etc. the client is interested in.
  • Pattern recognition feature allows clients to draw personalized patterns on the user interface.

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  • Even though Zerodha is a discount stock broker, Zerodha Pi provides real time tips from its experts

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  • Zerodha Pi also offers personalized themes to clients where users can customize dashboard, filters, colour coding as per preferences.
  • Market watch feature within Zerodha Pi allows its clients to add up to 250 scrips.

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  • Third party integrations allowed with strategy based platforms such as Amibroker, Ninjatrader, Metatrader etc.

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  • Shortcut keys provided so that users can quickly perform their operations while trading, thus, saving valuable trading time. For example:
    • Change Password – Ctrl+Shift+F9
    • Buy Order – F1 or Alt+F1
    • Sell Order – F2 or Alt+F2
    • After Market Order Buy – Ctrl+F1
    • Stock Holding – Alt+F9


Disadvantages of using Zerodha Pi

If you go ahead and use this trading platform from Zerodha, you will have to face some of these concerns:

  • Since Zerodha is a discount stock broker, Zerodha Pi does not offer any fundamental analysis or reports to its clients like full-service stock broker’s trading platforms do.
  • Fewer options as far as backup is concerned, few concerns raised during times of high trading traffic.
  • Experience using trend lines is not that great and Zerodha can definitely work on that aspect.

Advantages of using Zerodha Pi

At the same time, you will get the following benefits if you use Zerodha Pi for your trading needs:

  • Zerodha Pi uses very low Memory & CPU resources of your desktop or laptop. This helps you to trade with a laptop or desktop that has a basic configuration. Although, higher configuration based laptops allow trading at much better speed and performance.
  • It is known to be one of those trading platforms that works well at a low internet bandwidth. This helps clients even from smaller cities or towns with low internet bandwidth connectivity to trading with ease and convenience.
  • Zerodha Pi with its quantitative tools is suitable for intraday traders who prefer performance, quick tips and high usability.