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AxisDirect Trade

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AxisDirect Trade Overview

Although AxisDirect is not really known so much when it comes to its trading platforms and their respective performances. Although, this bank based full-service stockbroker provides Axis Direct Mobile App as well as a Web-based trading platform titled Axis Direct Swift Trade but still the broker has a lot to work upon as far as the usage of technology is concerned.

Like any other terminal solution, AxisDirect Trade requires you to download and install an EXE file onto your computer, laptop or desktop. Once you do that, you need to enter valid credentials before you start trading.

Some of the configuration requirements of AxisDirect Trade include:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 & above with 32/64 Bit and minimum dual-core processor
  • RAM:  4GB RAM and above
  • Internet Bandwidth: Internet Connectivity with minimum 60 Kbps speed
  • You need Microsoft (R) .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 to run the application

Moving ahead, let’s talk about some of the features this terminal solution from AxisDirect offers to its clients.


AxisDirect Trade Features

This is how the login screen of AxisDirect looks like where you need to enter your valid credentials.

Mobile App

Here are the top features of AxisDirect Trade terminal software:

  • The application provides real-time live market streaming rates with the auto-refresh of stock-quotes.
  • Placing Buy and Sell trades can be done directly through shortcut keys or menu options as per your preference.

Buy Trade:

Mobile App

Sell Trade:

Mobile App

  • Not only the real-time market quotes, the broker claims that the trading platform provides instant order confirmations, order status, trade book and net position.

Mobile App

  • The trading platform also displays your trading limits, exposure or leverage values across segments and trading classes.

Mobile App

  • You can create multiple market watchlists and track different stocks or contracts as per your preference.

Mobile App

  • You also have the option to place quick orders directly through the watchlist including mutual funds order placement.
  • You can transfer funds in and out with few clicks itself rather than going through a cumbersome process.

Mobile App

  • You can view your open positions on trades through a combination of few clicks as shown:
  • The application provides you shortcut keys for some of the functionalities including Buy Order, Sell Order, Order Book, Trade Book, Market Depth and more. Furthermore, you can customize shortcut keys for other features so that your overall trading becomes a personalized experience.

Mobile App

  • You can release or hold Demat account trades on an Adhoc basis as shown:

Mobile App


Disadvantages of AxisDirect Trade

Here are some of the concerns with this web-application, thus make sure you are aware of these areas:

  • Commodity trading not allowed
  • The overall user experience can be improved in terms of navigation and user flow, especially for beginner level traders who might find using this application a bit overwhelming

Advantages of AxisDirect Trade

At the same time, you get the following advantages with this application:

  • Suitable for heavy level traders.
  • You can trade across financial segments including Equity, Currency, Derivatives, Mutual funds and more.
  • The application offers an exhaustive level of features in terms of the number of features and variety.