Sharekhan Tradetiger

Sharekhan Tradetiger

Sharekhan Trade Tiger Introduction

Sharekhan is one of the oldest names in the full-service stockbroking space in India. It is known for high brand trust, wide offline coverage through its sub-broker network and not to forget, its trading platforms especially Trade Tiger. Trade Tiger is a terminal based trading software that user needs to download and install onto a desktop or a laptop.

It lets you trade and invest across segments including Equity, Currency, Commodity and Derivatives. The best part of using Sharekhan Trade tiger is its performance capabilities that let you trade in a seamless manner.

Sharekhan TradeTiger

Sharekhan has lakhs of clients and most of those use Trade tiger as their preferred trading platform.

Trade Tiger Features

Trade tiger is an exhaustive trading platform with something for every kind of a user, be it a beginner or an expert, heavy trader. Here we have listed some of the top features of Trade tiger:

  • Users can create multiple market watchlists with provision to add different trading and investment instruments at the same time.

TradeTiger market watch

  • Shortcut keys for easy and preferable access to different features. This helps to improve the overall user experience and tap into the opportunities at the right time

Sharekhan TradeTiger

  • Charting functionality with indicators for both technical as well fundamental analysis

Sharekhan TradeTiger

  • In-built functionality and access to reports, tips and recommendations from the research desk of Sharekhan
  • Integration with 14 banks for online funds transfer to the trading account
  • Different calculators such as Brokerage calculator, Span calculator, Premium calculator etc.
  • Single-click order placement provision
  • Stock scanners and heatmaps for quick analysis without digging into unnecessary information

Sharekhan TradeTiger

  • API integration available for external platforms such as Amibroker etc.

Sharekhan TradeTiger



Trade Tiger Disadvantages

  • Mac version for iOs still not available
  • Relatively a heavy trading software, so it requires relatively decent machine configuration for smooth operations.
  • One has to be very careful while running the updates sometimes, as issues in accessing charting functionalities have been noticed once an upgrade is done.

Trade Tiger Advantages

  • Sharekhan adds new updates and features to the software every month, allowing users to explore more by bringing high usability product
  • Known for high performance and speed, Trade tiger is apt for users who look to trade specifically at intraday level.
  • Numerous types of charts and indicators available for technical analysis to go along with heatmaps. These are some important features for users who look to perform their own analysis.
  • Real-time access to news, tips, trading calls works beautifully for traders who are starting afresh and need an initial handholding
  • Video Tutorials available for users to understand how each and every feature of Trade tiger works.
  • It comes pre-loaded with 30+ trading strategies
  • Direct integration with customer care within the trading platform