Sharekhan Mobile App

Sharekhan Mobile App

Sharekhan Mobile App Introduction

Sharekhan is one the premium names when it comes to stock broking space in India. The brand offers high trust with years of experience in the Industry. When it comes to their trading platforms though, they offer Trade Tiger – a renowned name in the terminal based trading softwares space. But things do get a little dicey, especially with their mobile app.

But they have recently launched a new Sharekhan mobile app with their brand name (in the first week of May 2017) which as per Sharekhan is a much better version than its earlier mobile apps (Share Mobile, Share Mobile Pro). This needs to be known that whatever Sharekhan has tried in the mobile app space in the past, has not worked for them, ever.

Thus, this new mobile app carries huge expectations from clients and potential new customers when it comes to performance, user experience, and analysis.

Here in this review, we talk at length about Sharekhan’s new mobile app explaining its features, positives, and negatives.

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Features of Sharekhan Mobile App

Here are some of the top features of Sharekhan’s mobile app:

  • The Home screen of the app gives an idea of the stock market indices from a macro level:

  • With Market Watch feature, users may choose to select any particular scrip, check details, charts at the fundamental and technical level, view percentage and monetary change in the stock value.

Sharekhan Mobile App Review

  • The app is connected directly to multiple feeds to provide news around the stock market, commodity/IPO space. Furthermore, with a single click user can view the detailed information around a specific news as well.

Sharekhan Mobile App Review

  • To make a decision, users prefer to perform a detailed analysis. Within this mobile app of Sharekhan, users have the option to view charts of scrips for a particular day, week, month or years back (as per required).

Sharekhan Mobile App Review

  • Advanced future and option search available.
  • Currency trading within the mobile app introduced. This feature was missing in the earlier versions of Sharekhan’s mobile apps.
  • Get information on top 52-week gainers, losers with data on top turnover stocks and top volume sold stocks over a period of last 1 year.

Here are the Google Play Store stats for reference:

Number of Installs500,000 - 1,000,000
Mobile App Size9.1 MB
Negative Ratings Percentage22.1%
Overall Review
App Update Frequency3 to 4 weeks



Disadvantages of Sharekhan Mobile App

  • Even this new version of the mobile app from Sharekhan faces performance issues (at times) and has a slight delay in order execution and feature usage.
  • Users are required to update their password after a gap of every 2 weeks. This can be irritating, at times.
  • The app carries a limited number of Chart types (such as hekinashi, double moving charts not available) brings less flexibility for technical and fundamental analysis.
  • Intermittent issues with the mobile app getting hanged have been seen, which can be hazardous, especially for people looking for opportunities at intra-day level.
  • Few features such as watchlists are not synchronized with other trading platforms of Sharekhan. For instance, if you created a watchlist using Sharekhan Trade Tiger, you will not be able to find the same watchlist in this mobile app with the same login.
  • Limited personalization features.

Advantages of Sharekhan Mobile App

  • Additional security layers added on top of the ones present in previous versions.
  • This new Sharekhan Mobile app offers relatively better user experience in terms of navigation, a lesser number of user clicks and overall usability. The only concern is the font size but is comparatively small.
  • The app offers a much higher number of features and thus, gives more options to users to perform their analysis.

In conclusion, this Sharekhan mobile app is certainly better than the ones Sharekhan has offered in the past. The areas that have improved are around user experience, usability, analysis, number of order types and more. However, still this mobile app cannot be compared with the likes of Industry leaders in this space when it comes to mobile trading.

Sharekhan has a lot to prove, especially with the kind of brand name they carry and that certainly brings in high expectations and much heavy burden.

Thus, by taking user feedback and with regular updates at quick successions, maybe this app gets to the point it should have already been.