Angel Broking Speed Pro

Angel Broking Speed Pro

Angel Broking Speed Pro – Introduction

Angel Broking offers different trading applications (including Angel Broking Trade, Angel Broking Mobile) across devices and one of the most mature applications out of those offerings is Speed Pro. It is a terminal based trading platform that needs to be downloaded and installed on your laptop or desktop. Whenever you open an account with Angel Broking, you get free access to this trading application.

It has been there for a while now and thus, can be seen as a mature software post client feedbacks and incorporations over the period of time.

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Configuration Required:

Processor – Pentium 4 PC or higher

Operation System – Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 10)

RAM – 1 GB (minimum)

Disk Space – 5GB

Internet Speed – 40 kbps or more


  • IE 9 and above
  • Java enabled
  • Adobe flash player

Speed Pro from Angel Broking is pretty robust and exhaustive trading software in terms of features. Here are some of them listed below:

  • Real-time market information with no delay from the stock market feed.

Angel Broking Speed Pro

  • Since Angel Broking is a full-service stockbroker, clients get access to trading calls as well fundamental research reports in order to make a quick judgment about their trades.

Angel Broking Speed Pro

Angel Broking Speed Pro

  • Provision add multiple market watch lists. The good part about this feature is that one needs to enter first 4 characters of the scrip and that’s it. The corresponding stock gets added into the market watch from where he/she can view detailed information about the stock.
  • With My Account tab, one can view information around his/her portfolio, trade report for a specific duration and back office reports.

Angel Broking Speed Pro

  • For technical analysis, users can view 30 days intraday data and use charts, technical indicators, strategies and heat maps through Speed Pro.
  • Similarly, for fundamental analysis, users can check data for the last 20 years with more than 70 studies.
  • Funds transfers with more than 40 banks allowed, with most of the prominent banks in the country covered.


Angel Broking Speed Pro Disadvantages

Although the terminal software is pretty exhaustive in nature, however, it comes with some concerns as well. Here are those listed:

  • The trading application is not available for Mac users. Thus, you will not be able to access it through Apple desktops or laptops.
  • The user experience of Angel Broking Speed Pro can be improved, especially from the navigation perspective.
  • For smooth functioning, the overall configuration must be reasonable in terms of RAM, disk space and processor otherwise, users may face some hard time accessing few heavy features.


Angel Broking Speed Pro Advantages

At the same time, this application provides you with the following benefits as well:

  • With Multi-desktop feature, users get the freedom to arrange preferred featured windows in multiple desktop screens and then toggle among them.
  • Works at a decent speed and offers high performance at basic internet bandwidth.
  •  Provision to add personalized shortcut keys for quick implementations and analysis.

  • Single tap access to news alerts to get the vibe of the stock market. Users can set notifications and alerts as per requirements.
  • Users can choose to apply for mutual funds online through Speed Pro.