HDFC Securities Mobile App

HDFC Securities Mobile App

HDFC Securities Mobile App Overview

HDFC Securities provides its clients with a decent performing mobile trading application. This mobile app is available on multiple platforms including Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS with a flexibility of 11 different Indian regional languages along with English. The app allows its users to trade and invest in Equity shares, derivatives, mutual funds and ETFs.

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HDFC Securities Mobile App Features

Here are some of the features offered by the mobile app to its users:

  • Since HDFC Securities is a full-service stockbroker, you are provided with all kinds of research, tips and recommendations at both fundamental and technical levels.
  • The default homepage displays a default market watch with stock values, market movement type, the difference between the open and closing price of the day.

HDFC Securities Mobile App Review

  • With a single tap, the user gets the option to buy, sell, get the latest quote and understand the trend of the stock for a quick judgement.

HDFC Securities Mobile App Review

  • The app comes with decent usability. For instance, to remove a specific stock from the market watchlist, the user can just swipe from right to left.

HDFC Securities Mobile App Review

  • Users can view the assets across segments within a single screen. Furthermore, with a single tap, users can have a glance at the detailed portfolio.

HDFC Securities Mobile App Review

  • You can also get a detailed glance of different transactions performed by you across segments.

HDFC Securities Mobile App Review

  • Order placement screen gives you all kinds of options to choose from, including Transaction type, exchange, segment, stock scrip, stock name, number of stocks, type of order.

HDFC Securities Mobile App Review

  • Charting functionality gives you a quick idea of the overall performance of the stock at both intraday and historical level.

HDFC Securities Mobile App Review

  • Due to clean design, you can apply for the upcoming IPOs within 3 clicks post logging into the application.

Here are the details on the stats of this mobile app from Google Play Store:

Number of Installs100,000 - 500,000
Mobile App Size23 MB
Negative Ratings Percentage15%
Overall Review
Update Frequency4-5 weeks



HDFC Securities Mobile App Disadvantages

Here are some of the concerns of using this mobile application from HDFC Securities:

  • Limited features to perform detailed technical and fundamental analysis. Thus, if you are a client of HDFC securities, it’s better to perform your own analysis using other trading platforms of HDFC securities.
  • Login issues observed multiple times.
  • You might face performance or speed related issues if you are living in a smaller city or you are using a lower internet connecting bandwidth on your device.
  • Access to research and tips is relatively complication and can be simplified with a better UI design.

HDFC Securities Mobile App Advantages

At the same time, you get the following benefits of using this mobile application:

  • The mobile app is pretty lightweight and requires only 6.52 MB space for install.
  • Users are provided with daily regular notifications so that traders can get the best of recommendations and tips to avail market opportunities.
  • Allows you to trade and invest across multiple segments with reasonable flexibility including mutual fund SIPs.
  • The mobile app is updated on a reasonable basis but can be quicked even further.

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