Karvy Online Mobile App

Karvy Online Mobile App

Karvy Online Mobile App Overview

Karvy Online, a prominent full-service stockbroker, has finally come up with a new version of a mobile trading app. The app has inbuilt analytics around market strategies (Bullish, Bearish, Neutral etc) and market scans (circuit breaker stocks, volume shocker stocks etc). With this kind of information readily available, it saves a lot of time of the user that goes into analyzing stocks and coming up with trading strategies.

Furthermore, you can trade and invest in Equity, Commodity, Mutual funds and IPO using this mobile app of Karvy Online.

Karvy is known for providing valued research, recommendations and tips, and all of that is provided in the mobile app. The app also provides a guest login where you can hover around different features provided in the application and get an idea of its performance and usability.

Now, let’s dig deep into the different features provided by the application and see whether the app is useful for you or not!

Features of Karvy Online Mobile App

  • This is how the menu of the mobile app looks like with options to navigate across holdings, limits, mutual funds, research, news etc. There is a horizontal menu as well that allows you to toggle across Market Info, Analytics, Trade placements, Research.
  • Post login, this is how the dashboard of the mobile app looks like. It gives you information on current market movements across indices, top movers and losers of the day, top mutual funds etc. 
  • The Analytics feature gives you a direct idea on which particular stocks are making the biggest moves, what are their current bidding price and return percentage capability. Such features are run based on algorithms and do not have human emotional biases, generally observed in research.
  • Furthermore, you can use the top gainers and losers feature provided in the Karvy Online mobile app. This gives a direct idea which stocks made the most in that particular trading day and which ones lost the most.
  • If you are looking to get an idea of a particular stock (quote) and its performance at intraday or technical level, you can use the Snap Quote feature. This will give you an idea of the current situation and health of a stock available for intraday trading.
  • Then, for further detailed analysis, you can observe metrics such as Put call ratio, Option chain etc. to get an understanding of the entity in question.
  • Then, the Karvy Online mobile app provides you Heatmap feature, where you can just view the below-shown screen and observe the current gainers and losers of the market at real-time level. This can be observed at both value and volume levels.
  • You can view the span margin provided to you by the broker across different segments within the Karvy Online mobile app itself.

  • Since Karvy Online is a full-service stockbroker, you are also provided with a technical and fundamental analysis in form of tips, recommendations, and reports within the mobile app.
  • Finally, the app looks good enough to perform technical analysis using charting, option strategies etc. You can use charts such as Line, Bar, Candlesticks and studies such as CCI, MACD, the Momentum indicator, Moving average etc.
  • You can transfer funds using the Karvy Online mobile app across 30+ prominent banks.

Here are the current Google Play stats of this Karvy Online Mobile App:

Number of Installs10,000 - 50,000
Mobile App Size11.73MB
Negative Ratings Percentage14.4%
Overall Review
Update Frequency4-5 weeks



Disadvantages of Karvy Online Mobile App

  • Concerns observed in commodity trading using this Karvy Online mobile app
  • Charting feature has limited usage with options to go back to last 30 minutes only. You cannot perform fundamental analysis using the charting functionality. That is a big concern.
  • Although research and tips are available, it is relatively tough to use these tips and make information out of that in quick time.
  • Still, the number of features are limited. It can be expected that by the time new features can get added by the full-service stockbroker.

Advantages of Karvy Online Mobile App

  • Allows you to trade across different segments including Equity, Mutual funds, IPOs
  • Reasonable speed and performance
  • The user interface (UI) is reasonably better than the previous mobile apps introduced by Karvy.
  • Rich data feeds across different indices available at a quick speed.
  • Rare Analytics feature provided to users that speeds up the decision making the process of users.