Enrich Mobile App Introduction

Enrich Mobile App

Enrich is the best App in the market as it serves as a guide to beginners and a strong trading tool for intermediate and expert level traders as well. It is a Perfect Market Information mobile trading platform for active traders, dealers, Franchisees, research analysts and affluent retail Investors.

Market Hunt provides comprehensive Market Data including Live, historical and derived data. Near-time Market Turnover, Moving averages, Pivot, Resistance & Support Levels, Market Breadth, Returns and various other data is made available for analysis.

These research reports helps the traders to analyse and understand which scrips witnessed significant movement based on various criteria. The reports also help to evaluate the user’s performance by comparing the trading strategy adopted. This would enhance the trading scope of the user.

Enrich Mobile App Features

Enrich Data visualization tools help users get a good overview of the Market. They provide a graphical and color coded representation of data based on various criteria. Many advanced features and indicators are available which would be helpful for the comparisons and analysis in the most efficient manner.

Instant Push notifications to mobile of Buy / Sell orders and User defined real time price alerts to keep an eye on any commodity according to the requirement.

Coming back to the features, here are some of the details:

  • At the upfront, as soon as you download and install this application – you will be taken to the login screen where you are required to provide your trading user Id and password. Another reminder of that fact that there is no guest login and you will get no chance to understand this application unless you open an account with the broker.

Enrich Mobile App       Enrich Mobile App

  • This way the user is always informed of the current happenings and there are fewer chances to miss out on the same.

Enrich Mobile App       Enrich Mobile App

  • You can also check your order book with the details of the trades you have placed with information on the pricing, quantity of stocks traded, scrip name and order status. Some of the orders will be complete, others open and there may be a few that are in rejected status. All that information will be displayed on this screen.

Enrich Mobile App       Enrich Mobile App

  • You can also quickly check your positions on the specific orders you have placed with respect to the profit/loss you have made on those trades.

Enrich Mobile App       Enrich Mobile App

  • Although the level of customization and personalization is limited in the mobile application, you can set notifications and alerts based on price movement in this mobile app. As and when the condition is met, you will be notified through an in-app notification.

This is how the mobile app is rated at Google Play Store:


  • Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  • Requires Android 4.0.3 and up

Enrich Mobile App Advantages

Nonetheless, the Enrich Mobile app comes with the following advantages as well:

  • Mobile App available for both Android and iOS platforms
  • Regular updates are provided with an introduction of new features and removal of existing bugs. Currently, the app is being updated once in every 4-5 weeks.
  • The User interface (UI) and overall design are pretty clean and easily understandable for beginner level traders and investors.
  • Lightweight application and it does not require heavy configuration on your smartphone.


Enrich mobile trading app is one of the recently launched applications in the stockbroking space. And since it is new, the number of features it provides are limited and thus, cannot be an apt choice for an intermediate to an expert level trader.

However, if you are a beginner in the trading space then this application can work just fine for you. The overall user experience is pretty neat and you will not be overwhelmed by lots of features that you cannot understand.

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